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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I'm obsessed with zippered bags

Okay, I have a true addiction, a serious problem and luckily it's one that doesn't hurt other people. I am obsessed with making zipper bags. I love making different kinds and thank heavens for YouTube because so many people will walk you through it, step by heavenly step.

Here's the link to my latest version by Lauren Mormino

Let me know what you think. The inside is waterproof canvas, so it's a great bag for taking on trips to store bottles of shampoo, hairspray, etc. I've only just begun with these.

I've done two different styles of boxed corners and I think I've changed my approach with this style of bag. I have to go slow, and with the vinyl you cannot flip the bag as easily (just once at the end is enough for me). You have to take your time and really line things up. 

The bag below with the math fabric, I mean isn't it the best??

Thanks for visiting my little creative corner of the world!

1 comment:

Brenda said...

I love your sense of adventure and enthusiasm in creating your vinyl zippered bags!
Awesome fabric!