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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Technology and art converge (my day job meets my hobby)

So I have been receiving the new chipped credit cards of late. These cards with a chip called EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa is the latest attempt to thwart thieves from getting credit card details. One downside is that these cards transmit a signal that conceivably be read if your card is in close proximity to a reader. Whether this is practically likely, I don't know but since it's possible I want to mitigate the risk. So, I have decided to make sleeves for all my chipped cards. 

I tore a place of tin foil and used the Xyron to apply adhesive to some scrapbook paper. Then applied the foil to the inside of the paper. 


Then I made a template and traced it out on the paper and cut away. I also had to score the fold lines. 

Once it's done just remember that you don't want to apply tape to the foil but only to the paper side, on each flap. This will be folded back and adhere to the foil. 

One last touch is to use a circle paper punch to make a notch in the sleeve.

I made one for each chipped card!  Hopefully better safe than sorry!!