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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Summer and it's off to a great start!

I have so much to tell you about!  I'm brimming with news and excitement.

So I actually tended to my email a couple weeks ago and noticed that one of my favorite artists and teachers was blogging about her new book.  The artist is Nathalie Kahlbach who is a mixed media artist and has her own line of stamps, stencils and an amazing blog. She also hosts the Creative Jumpstart online classes, which I was gifted a couple years ago.   

I took a class with Nat at the Create New Jersey retreat in 2014! Anyway, I posted to her blog to enter the contest to win a copy of her book and voila!!  I was the winner!!  The book is called ARtful Adventures in Mixed Media and here's the link to her blog, where I won!!

Nathalie Kahlbach's blog N*Studio

I was so excited when the book arrived I had to take a picture to send to her.  Her book has great ideas and is a wonderful go-to guide for those of us who have been paper artists for a long time and sometimes need a creative prompt to help decide what to work on next.  I love the idea of using photos of what we see each day to inspire us.  

Can't wait to make some art, inspired by Nat's book!!

I've got some fun artwork to post, but I'll keep you in suspense.  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Love this!

So I now am addicted to YouTube. It's amazing how much creativity is lying in wait for us.  My pal Jo-Ellen found this video from one of our favorite teachers Karen Elaine Thomas where she uses inks to make a design, then tangles patterns in the white areas (Zentangle patterns specifically).   The technique is called Kumomi. She mentions that you can try to find images in the ink splashes. Her sample is AMAZING!


Of course we had to try it and since we didn't have her specific brand of inks we used what we had (imagine)!  We used twinkling H2Os.

Our favorite color was called Love Struck which is a beautiful deep shade of red. We found that the best way to apply the paint was with a very wet round paint brush so that you get big strokes of color. The package is shown below!

The product may be sold under a different name now.  Below is my finished piece. I had to emulate Jo-Ellen's artwork because it is stunning!!

Here's another work in process but I realized I didn't leave enough large areas of white to tangle. Still looks cool, but a different approach. 

The artwork below was what inspired my piece. Jo-Ellen's is below and you can tell by her quality tangling that she is a Certified Zentangle Teacher CZT!  Her tangles are perfection. 

So I'm including other pieces she made. Jo-Ellen used Microns in various colors, that really work with her H2Os color choices. 

So below is the first step, broad brushstrokes of color. 

Then you outline the white areas and get to tangling them. If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I refer to tangling then look up Zentangle and learn more. It's a meditative art form that encourages mindfulness and is so relaxing. 

After you outline the white areas you tangle a pattern in each white space. If it's a small area you can just color it in. I used black Micron markers for mine.

So here it is, Jo-Ellen saw a dragon that then morphed into a camel in her blue ink splashes and she drew him in! So, fun! Love that little guy!

Try this out for yourself, it's very addictive!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not quite New Years

The holidays commandeer a load of time so I'm finally returning to post after two months. I've had a lot of wonderfully inspiring time to create lately. My friends and I had our art retreat which is the genesis of the name of this blog Artapalooza!!  We hunker down in my studio and create. 

After receiving a gift of tiny canvases 4x4" I created one today. Coincidentally, the online show Make It Artsy had a segment where an artist showed how to create these using paper scraps and a little paint, plus some tissue paper. 

It's great to hang on to tissue papers, particularly white for these projects. White tissue allows you to soften or correct a work. It also allows you to add a stamped image and not commit until you like it, so that's really helpful. 

Here's mine, which is a quote by Frida Kahlo!

More to follow!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Tiny boxes

My friend made me this adorable little box for a swap. I loved it and even more when I learned that I could make it with a template I already own. 

So here's my box, made from 6x6 double sided paper. 

This is the envelope template used to make the box!  

The template made by We R Memory Keepers and it punches and has score lines to make various sized envelopes. It comes with a plastic folding tool. 

Just line up to 1 3/8" and punch, then use scorer to make score ling along the groove starting in the bottom right corner.  Then move to 4" and repeat.

Turn the paper counter clockwise and repeat on each side.  You'll end up with the following.

Cut along the score lines and use a corner rounder!  You'll then just tape up the sides and have a little box!  You can punch holes and attach ribbon to decorate.

Great for party favors!!  Here's a blog post that has the complete instructions tiny box template

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Makeshift Billboard

I happen to pass an intersection on my way home from work and I've noticed that there is a very basic wooden sign. Periodically, some mystery person decorates the sign, customizing it according to current events, or their take on life. 

Don't know who's doing in this but I'm starting to really be entertained by it!!  Here's one of the recent displays, voicing an apparent opinion on the election. 

The latest, a take on the horrors in Syria. I love this homemade billboard. 

Let's see what comes next!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


My neighbor grows these beautiful dahlias and I thought I'd send out a virtual bouquet!!!

Beauty speaks for itself. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Love this use of paper!

Went to the Chicago History Museum and saw this creative display with a costume from the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Love the paper hair!!