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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blast from the past

In a former life, at least that's how it feels anyway, I worked and taught in a stamp store. I sure miss it, most particularly the people, Heather the owner, my friends who worked at the store as well as the customers!  It was my "Cheers" where we knew everyone by name. 

So recently I was cleaning out my studio and I came across the boards I made to advertise the classes I taught. Initially I would just leave samples of cards out at the store, until I realized that it's best to market the classes a little better. So I made these signs, I called them boards, and advertised the class samples. 

I really worked hard to put some of them together, so I decided to hang them up around the studio. Since I don't have much wall space to hang things I improvised and found surfaces where I could attach then, including the a/c duct work. Anyway, had to share these. 


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Well I finally am coming back to life, creatively speaking. I dove down under the covers, trying to stay warm and taking a much needed rest. Now I have the urge to dust off the surfaces, clean things up and take a look around. Life tosses out all kinds of challenges and I guess I had been riding a lucky streak. This year has not been my favorite, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Now I want to come out and play!

I had taken a class with Dina Wakley last year and then I picked up her DVDs. They are great!  So I decided to try my hand using some of her techniques. Plus, I took another class with Marjie Kemper at The Great American Stamp Store a couple months ago, which was really fun. So I have many sources of inspiration going right now!

Marjie has a wonderful online class on Craftsy. It's worth every penny!!! She is such a generous teacher and a very nice person. The class inspired this piece, I used Distress Inks and the Ranger foam applicators. Then colored our girl with colored pencils. I adopted Dina's advice that "perfect is the enemy of done" so I just made it without anguishing over every detail.

So, I hope to show you loads more!  It feels good to be back.