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Friday, July 25, 2014

Like a kid playing with the box . . .

Remember when you were a kid and got presents, and you were more interested in the box and packaging, than the gift?  I don't remember it, but know it happened because it's memorialized in photos.  The occasions took place when I was very small, and I'm guessing it happened for you as well.  We were toddling around and had the spirit of explorers, unending imaginations and we were fearless.  Well, I am living that child-like experience after opening gifts from a dear friend recently. 

Brenda is a fearless artist. She creates amazing work.  She loves color, patterns and she's great at collage.  When we get together to create art, she's the one that creates something while I'm still trying to clear an open spot on my desk.

These are envelopes she made for me and honestly, I don't want to open these gifts.  They are so beautiful.  She's also a great recycler and she can use and reuse items she finds and make them amazing. 

So, before I break into these presents, I had to post some pictures.  Some of her envelopes are hand-made.  They are beautifully collaged.  Then there's the ribbons and then the beautiful tags.  Brenda is no fan of naked envelopes.  For that matter, she'll transform boxes as well.  She's been known to turn boxes inside out and decorate them before using them to mail a gift.

I'm inspired - how about you?


  1. What a honor to be featured on your blog! Thank you!

  2. These are gorgeous! I think so much. Of our enjoyment of what is inside, comes from how it is presented to us. I would certainly take a lot of time admiring, before opening!