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Monday, May 9, 2016

Window boxes

So in the interest of spring cleaning I've been pulling out all kinds of amazing embellishments that I had stashed away. I had a plethora, an amazing collection, of little gems.  Some of which I featured in my Spring cleaning post not long ago.  It dawned on me that I could try to use these pieces to make a collage. 

What I also had laying around was a piece of a shower curtain liner and I couldn't help but think it would be fun to cover the pieces and see them each in their own little "box". 

So I used beautiful embellished flowers, paper scraps, tiny little colored images with clear shapes, faux postage and stamped images. 

I had some die cut chipboard shapes and cool papers with interesting images.These came from Somerset Studio magazine that used to include collage papers in each issue. 

I loved making these and finding a way to arrange and use the pieces. 

I have just barely scratched the surface of what I have lying around. My goal is simple, use them up and make art!!!

The piece below is a teeny bit different because instead of closed in stitched boxes, I made pockets. So the elements I tucked in each pocket can be removed for inspection. This idea came from my need to save a beautiful two-sided tag that a friend gave me. I had my smashbook and wanted to make sure I could still look at this gorgeous tag so I created the pockets and that's what inspired me!!!!

This collection is interesting, a diecut frame, images of one of my favorite characters Totoro. Finally, I found a big stack of tree punches all made from sandpaper. I think I originally punched them in order to sharpen up my punch but the images are perfect color and texture. In order for it to stand out on the khaki colored background I had to put it on brightly colored paper so it pops. 

All my works were done on a khaki colored background card stock, I found this color very appealing. Khaki is a neutral and it was perfect with the black thread. 

I challenge you to take out your stash and make a collage. 

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