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Monday, September 22, 2014

Gelli plate site, book and so much more

I'm nuts about the gelli plate.  I've been able to make some amazing backgrounds and ergo, fun cards with this art tool.  I've introduced it to my clever and artistic nephews as well, and they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.  In pursuit of some new creative fodder, I stumbled upon this site which has some intriguing ideas. I am now totally inspired.  


These techniques were shared by the author of a book called Gelli Plate Printing - Joan Bess.  Now, being that the world of mixed media is a much smaller world than I would have ever believed, I just so happen to have been attending an amazing class by Dina Wakley (yes, I am a name dropper - unapologetic one at that) hosted by the Ink Pad NYC and they had a wonderful little mini mall set up in the back of the classroom.  There it was, the very book I had just seen online.  

Being that there's no greater pairing (the exception, chocolate and peanut butter) than attending an art class accompanied by shopping, I had to buy it.  Now I cannot wait to delve.

Joan Bess book Gelli Plate Printing

Just the cover art along is so intriguing. 

So please, stay tuned as I intend to employ the ideas from the book for myself. While I was attending the class I heard rave reviews about this book, so if you are a book junkie like me and you have a Gelli plate, you probably don't need much encouragement to check it out.

I'm working on some posts about the Dina classes, which were really amazing.  My head is brimming.  I have loads to share, so stay tuned.

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