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Monday, March 7, 2016

Finally! My fabric journal is complete!

Years ago I took an awesome class from Keely Barham and purchased one of her muslin fabric journal kits. We learned to do photo transfers and I used them in my journal. It's taken me a long time to complete because after finishing the pages and all the details and embellishments  I needed help in figuring out the best way to sew the pages.  I ended up using a blanket stitch. Thanks YouTube!!

So here are my paternal grandparents. 

The cover was created in class. I have to say the colors are not, in retrospect, what I would've chosen but I did have fun making the cover. We learned to use special threads and the zigzag stitch with clear thread to attach them to the cover along with using pieces of fabric with sentiments. I use some fun embellishments from Tim Holtz that spell out "family." Fun fact, these buttons seem to have attracted the attention of TSA on my last flight back from Florida. 

I wish this photo wasn't so faded but I do love it. 

I love the picture below which is of my paternal grandmother, she looks so great in this outfit. 

This is my maternal grandmother. 

My grandparents on their wedding day. I had fun with the beads on this page and the little pink bows. 

One of the best pictures is this picture of my paternal grandfather on the ship he came over from Germany. To have the name of the ship, which we confirmed through searches of Ellis Island, makes this such a valuable picture. 

Below my paternal grandparents and my father and his brothers. He was the baby. 

Speaking of which here's an adorable picture of him. I love that his clothes had a little westie dog. 

The picture below is so sweet of my mother I just love this picture. 

I had to include this wedding picture. 

I was the first niece and grandchild on my mother's side. I have always adored this picture of me with my aunties, mother and grandmother. How cute is that little Santa??

So here's my wedding picture. My hubby got me these amazing beads from the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. 

Here's my brother and my sister in law!!

Leave it to me to make something that's interactive!!! I made these overlapping panels trimmed with beads and charms

This is a tag on the back page. 

It's so funny that I just happened to finish this journal and at the same time came across two additional blank journals that I purchased when I took the class.  Guess I have to get busy working on a couple new ones!! 

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