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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Philadelphia Flower Show

I don't always make it for the annual show but this year the theme was 100th Anniversary of National Parks so I did not want to miss it!!  Can't think of a better theme for the show. Here are some of my favorites!  

This map was created by an artist Lisa Fedon and there's more about her at LisaFedon.com.  It's ephemera from all over made into a collage map. 

The Liberty Bell in flowers!

Me in front of the most famous We!! Thanks to School House Rock I still know the whole preamble!!

Robertson's flowers was inspired by Arches National Park!  We were just there in October and it is MAGNIFICENT!

Here, I'll show you!!  

These succulents built into this wall were stunning!  

Below is a buffalo made with wool over a wooden frame. So creative - I so wanted to pet him!  

This is one of my favorites, a giant bear made of wood and metal. But the best part, if you look closely is that he's a mini tree house for little creatures. I want to shrink myself down and explore the stairs and ladders!  

I love the magic and creativity. 

Really enjoyed our outing!  

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