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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A blast from the past

I sorted through my card collection last night and found a card by my friend Brenda. I LOVE this card!!  Now I want to play with the technique Brenda used to make this card.  She made these beautiful papers, using metallic paints. She used them for a project, and as she so often cleverly does, wanted to use up her scrap papers.  So she featured these gorgeous scraps by cutting wavy lines in the card and weaving the papers through.  Then securing the ends. BEAUTIFUL!!

It's been ages since I made something with this technique, but I sure do want to try it again. I think I should collect some of my Gelli plate papers, and cut some strips and start there.
Anyway, here's her card:


  1. Thanks Julie. I feel so honored to have one of my cards displayed on your blog.

  2. You are way too modest, you could easily have your own!!!