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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

coffee papers

So in the not so recent past I created some amazing papers using coffee. Specifically, I took instant coffee (such as Folgers that was flavored and smelled delicious) and mixed some with a bit of water.  You then drip, pour and dribble the liquid over the paper.  Then you take some of the instant coffee powder and sprinkle it over the wet paper. Finally, take some gold pigment powder and sprinkle it on the wet paper. Allow the papers to dry, or use a heat gun to dry them quickly.  The benefit of this approach is that the water will move around on the paper if you use a heat gun.

The result is delicious looking, and smelling, papers.  I found some of this paper recently and I am going to play with this technique and make some more of these papers.  Be sure you use a non-coated paper for this technique.  

Here's a picture of the sample.

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