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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another trip down memory lane

I have to say that organizing my studio is a teeny, tiny bit like being Indiana Jones for a day.  Thankfully, there are smaller spiders and no snakes and it's exhilarating to go through relics of my crafting history.  I never know what I'll find and sometimes it's like a time capsule, where I get the joy of reliving my creative past.  Other times I realize that I have totally outgrown any interest in certain collected treasures which, at one time, were like the holy grail.

Those of you who are artists, who enjoy taking classes might know what I'm talking about.  I took a class once and learned to make metallic ornaments from aluminum trays.  After that class I was obsessed with visiting dollar stores in search of the perfect type of tray.  I used old antique keys at one time and that began an Ebay obsession where I was bidding on boxes of "antique" keys.  

Please don't get me started on old jars of buttons, I could dedicate a post just to that collection alone.  

Anyway, the best find is artwork created ages ago that you really love.  I found this board from my last class at Create an Impression, a rubber stamp store that closed years ago sadly.  I loved teaching classes at my friend Heather's store, which was in Ardmore, PA. I worked at the store for a time, and taught classes and I wanted to advertise. So I started making boards to hang up and I'd attach the sample cards to the board.  I now treasure these, because they are like my own portfolio.  

For this particular class I had the students sign the board for me, as a souvenir of the last class I'd be teaching at my favorite rubber stamp store.  It means so much to find it. The staff, students and customers at Heather's store were the best.  I always felt that Create an Impression was my "Cheers" where everyone knew your name and we were always so excited to see everyone and shop for the newest products.  I met so many great people.  I miss it and it's great to take a trip back.

Here are a couple samples from the class.  The title was inspired by a line of products called 7 Gypsies.  I still love the style, it was so "me" and they had these great clear buttons, so we applied decorative paper to the back with Judikins Diamond Glaze.  I also loved the copper tape, which I put through a label maker to emboss letters.

The heart card below was fun. Using wire, ribbon and other findings (including coffee stained paper) to make a personal card.  Just yesterday I found the jar of instant coffee (French Vanilla) I used to stain the paper and man does that paper smell amazing.  I recall using the mixed coffee to stain the paper but also using the granules on top of puddles making really interesting patters on the paper.  

Thanks for joining me on this trip.  I hope to do more organizing so I was thinking that maybe throwback Thursdays are in order to check out some older cards to get a new take on them.


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  1. Makes me want to pull out some copper tape!