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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Face the facts

This is one of my favorite stencil techniques that Marjie showed us in the class.  I also saw this in the Creative Jumpstart 14 videos. 

You need a stencil, and the cut out pieces of the stencil, or the negatives that fall inside the outline.  In the case below, it would be the area between her arm and her body.  I first colored the card with yellow ink over the entire surface.  Then place the stencil image down (where the honeycomb pattern is) and then color around with inks, sprays, etc. Remove the stencil and then place the negative part of the stencil down, and line it up around the image (this would be anywhere that has the background with the orange ink color). Don't forget the small pieces of stencil between her arms and her body.  Now ink up the honeycomb background stamp in black and carefully stamp on top of the stencil, covering the open area on the paper.  It will appear to stamp the image only on her body.   

I think my explanation might be a bit difficult to follow, so I hope to find a stencil and demonstrate this in a video.  It's a bit confusing to explain with words, but if I can find and create the right stencil, it would be much easier to demo. 

The numbers on the left are done with the Golden glass bead gel. I mixed in some of the Distress Stain color in with the glass bead gel, used a stencil and applied it.  The glass bead gel normally dries clear, but this time it dried with the color of the ink, a purple color.  It's raised and when it dries it's really a great texture, somewhat translucent.  I applied a strip of skinny black masking tape and then found a watch face in my embellishment collection.  What better to use for a face, than a face?

I hammered the watch face a bit, because it had two prongs on the back.  When I folded them down to flatten them, it left bumps. The best way to mask a mistake is to make more of the same, and make it look intentional.  That's why the watch face appears a bit bumpy.

I even gave this piece a title.  

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