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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pillow Talk

I try to work out at the gym daily.  It goes a lot faster when I have something fun to watch while I'm walking the valley of the treadmills. Since exercising prevents me from making art, I thought I'd do the next best thing and watch videos that would inspire me.

Somehow I found Teesha Moore's series of YouTube videos on making creative journals. There are episodes about making fabric covers for the journal. The fabric covers consist of "pillows" that are small quilted pieces, each of which will be stitched together to become a cover.

I got home, dug out the fabric pieces (fat quarters) that I had stashed away and started to make some.  I love the rustic and simple nature of the pieces.  I like the uneven edges, large stitches and hand made appearance.  I only have three so far.

What is truly freaky is that my pal Jo-Ellen happened to mention she was in a swap and guess what?  She's making the very same pillows to swap, based on the very same videos from Teesha.  How odd is that?

So here are mine:

Here's the link to Teesha's fabric journal workshop videos.  Check them out and I think you'll find yourself rummaging through your fabric stash to try it out.

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